Utsav Durga Puja

Welcome to our new homepage brought online by the Utsav website manager! Old outsourced website (2016-2018) has failed due to overload from our many patrons and we are awaiting further data recovery (partial data recovery has been achieved). In the meantime, our pre-2016 website is available for your enjoyment. Members feel free to register again with this new site to publish your pictures and videos, to register simply send your name and email address to info@durgapuja.org.uk for your account details to be sent to you.

Jhil Mil

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Welcome to Utsav

Celebrating Bengali Culture in London

Welcome to our new website. The little fledgling club of 2010 has truly, we hope lived up to its name UTSAV, by celebrating the cultural and religious events that make up the rich fabric of our Bengali heritage.

This new website seeks to give you glimpses, images and snippets from these celebrations as well as information about upcoming events. Above all, it comes with a warm invitation to participate in our events and in our efforts to fondly recreate for ourselves and our children, things big and small from our home countries that we so dearly miss in our life overseas. Whether you have newly arrived from India or Bangladesh or have lived abroad for many years, we welcome you all to the UTSAV family.

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